Info bar

This Info Bar is located at the bottom of the TVPaint Animation window.
It contains useful, frequently referred to, information.

The info bar

* The first box contains the coordinates of the cursor (x,y), where the position (0,0) starts at the top left corner of the project.

Coordinates of the cursor

* The second box contains the color of the image when the cursor moves over the project. This color considers the Alpha channel value of the pixel under the cursor of the project. It means that the selected background color has no effect on these values. (when you start a new empty project, the image is not white but totally transparent, like this box will show you).

Color of the image

* The third box indicates the Proxy state. By the way, if you preview an animation with some lag, this element will become red

Proxy state : everything is okay Proxy state : there is a lag

* The fourth box can display different kind of informations :
It displays project information: name of the project, name of the current clip, number of the current layer, and number of the current image...
Title of the timeline

And when a progress bar panel appears, the progress line is also shown in this box.

Progress bar

The last two boxes contains the Rooms. They will be seen further in this lesson.

The rooms