Mixer Panel

- A left click on the mixer surface incorporates the A color to the visible mixer which can then be «spread». You then can mix your colors like a painter.

- Hold [Ctrl] to select a color in the palette (you can also use the color picker).

By right-clicking, you will open a contextual menu, specific to the Mixer option. The second action, Pick a color, lets you choose a color on the location of your cursor (or stylus).

- Hold [Alt] to smear colors in the palette

- Hold [Shift] to erase the colors

If the mixers proposed are not what you want, you can also use Clear mixer in the sub-menu. You then will have a clean palette.
It’s up to you to create new mixes.

This right-click shows you a menu with lots of options.

Firstly, you can choose to work with predefined : blue, clouds, inks, dirty, nebula, etc..
A small sign lets you know the name of the chosen mix.

If the mixers proposed don’t suit you, TVPaint Animation also offers other possibilities :

- New mix : lets you create three mix types

- Empty : after opening the dialog box where you can name your future creation, you have a clean palette, ready for your new mixes.

- From current image : your current drawing will be "imported" in the panel. You can zoom in the workspace to work more efficiently with your new mix.

- From image… : lets you create a new mix from an image that need to be imported in the Library*.

Your mixes will be accessible in the Mixer list on top of the menu.

- Duplicate mixer : once chosen, a copy is then available in the Mixer list under the name Copy of…

- Rename mixer : lets you rename the mixer

- Delete mixer : lets you delete a mixer from the list. A confirmation window appears to ask a confirmation.

*For everything related to the Library, please read the chapter dedicated to it.

The last part of the menu is File :

Three options are available in this menu :

- Import Mixer : lets you open an image inside the panel to pick the colors or create new mixers. You can also increase the panel’s size, like the Pick panel.

- Export Mixer : lets you export your mix as a .dip file

- Default Mixers : lets you return to TVPaint Animation’s default mixers, in case you lost them or if your mixers have gone too far.