Palette Panel

The contextual menu (right click) will allow you to work with different pre-defined palettes : Grey, TVP 1, 2, 3 and 4. The newly created palettes will appear on this list. A small check sign will let you know the name of the chosen palette

In New Palettes, you will have 4 different choices :

- Empty : as in the Mixer option, after the dialog window , you will have a blank palette, ready for your new colors.

- From current image : allows you to create a new Palette from the current drawing. A window will open to propose you a number of colors : you can extract up to 256 colors. However you can reduce this number with the adjacent numeric field or mini-slider. You then can reduce the number of colors to obtain the most dominant ones, and even only one if necessary.

- From last used colors : lets you create a new Palette from the Color History (seen earlier in this lesson). Every color used since TVPaint Animation’s opening will be in this new Palette.

- From Image : lets you create a new Palette from an image that will need to be imported in the Library* beforehand. The same dialog window that from the From current image will let you select how colors you want ( form 1 to 256 dominant color squares).
*For everything related to the Library, please read the chapter dedicated to it.

As for the contextual menu in the Mixer option, it is possible to Duplicate, Rename and Delete a palette.

You can also Add a color : click in the Palette, the A Color will be added..

Several options are available in the contextual menu :

- Replace color : lets you replace (by right-clicking on one of the colors in the Palette) the selected color by the A color.

- Swap color : select a color by left-clicking on it, then right click on another color : the two colors switch places in the Palette, and the second one becomes the A Color.

- Spread : allows you to create a gradient between two selected colors, the first one by left clicking (the square is then outlined in white), the second one by right-clicking. This option works from the left to the right and from the right to the left.

- Remove color : lets you remove one square.

You also have the possibility to create a Custom panel from the current palette. (Custom panels management will be explained in lesson 10.)

Finally, you will have the possibility to change the square size with Square size. By default, the size is x2, but you can reduce it to x1 or increase it to x4.


You can Load a palette or Save a palette at any time, in the File sub-menu. The resulting file is .pal format.

This enable exchanges between users, even if it is advised to use Custom panels to share brushes, colors or even scripts.

It is possible to return to TVPaint Animation’s default palettes with the Default palette.
Resetting TVPaint Animation’s settings will also restore the palettes and mixers (see lesson 1 on the Startup panel and Configurations).

However, note that these last two operations will delete palettes and mixers you have created, unless you exported them beforehand.