Slider Panel (R,G,B and H,S,L color systems)

It is possible to define a color following different components :

• RGB : Red, Green, Blue
• HSL system: Hue, Saturation, Luminosity
• Hexadecimal : ideal for web designers.

You can move the cursors with a left click to the wished color. You can also move them with a right click on the wished nuances. Of course, you can also use the alphanumerical field.

Picker Panel

Open the Picker option of the Color Panel and navigate between hues (slider on the right) and its levels.

A right click on the same window enables the choice of other ranges, the colors of which vary according to Hue, Luminosity and Saturation or according to the intensity of the colors Red, Green and Blue.

Excluding the Slider tab, each option of the Color panel has a line called Status bar on the bottom. Its purpose is to indicate the RGB, HSL or hexadecimal values of the A color. Click on this bar to change this display.