Setting of the brush profile

The right field in the tool panel provides a view of the drawing tool cross section.
Below you will find two profile examples for the airbrush drawing tool.

left to right: profile, three-dimensional view of the tool and its effect on the screen.

The profile of brushes may be edited in the window shown opposite.

Click on the profile of the tool you are using to make it appear.

You have the choice :
* to create or delete the points of the spline (by left- and right-clicking on the profile line).
* to move the latter.
* to flip to the spline along the horizontal or vertical axis.
* to delete the current point.
* to choose the method applied to connect the points with each other: Linear, Spline or Polynomial.
* to select a predefined profile.

There are 2 ways to select a profile :

• The first is as for the palettes and mixers, TVPaint Animation offers you the possibility to Load, Save and Reset the profiles from a file via the Bin popup menu.

• For the second way, the Bin popup menu allows also to Add/Remove custom profiles inside the software and Select a custom profile to use and display it on the screen like on the opposite image.