Activate Line smoothing

The Line smoothing feature is located in the Main panel with the icon, or in the Window > Drawing > Line smoothing menu.

Thanks to this feature (activated by default with a 2 pixels value), you will be able to optimize line rendering, notably when inking your drawings.

You have the choice between two smoothing types :

Average : ideal for a dynamic work, with curves lines and round borders

Pulled string : ideal for slow and detailed work with sharp angles

- The option Real Time enables the lines smoother in real time. When activated, the lines smoother will work when drawing.

- Show HUD (Head on Display) is used to toggle the Assistant tool.

You will notive that the Assistant tool will be more or less long depending on the Smoothing value.

- The option Smoothing indicates in pixels the distance used to define the smooth. The more this value is high, the more your line will be smoothed.

If you activate Real Time, the more your value will be high, the more your cursor will move forward some pixels from your line. If you disable this function, your line will smooth when you will drop the click.

Activated : 25
Activated : 50
Activated : 100

If you do not wish any smoothing, you will need to uncheck the Activate line smoothing