Setting the tools

You have numerous variables at your disposal to set your drawing tools. These parameters are available on the Tool panel, set under the Palette panel in the left Drawer.
We will see in details the use of the Airbrush tool (the other ones will be explained in lesson 10) :

* The variable Size defines the tool radius in pixels.
* The variable Power defines the color quantity applied by the tool.
* The variable Opacity defines the global tool opacity.
The opacity defines a maximum opacity threshold which the drawing tool cannot exceed.
* The variable Aspect enables flattening of the current tool.
* The variable Angle authorises rotation around the tool Z axis.
* The variable Step, if enabled, manages the waiting time between two applications of the same tool.
* The variables Drying and Gradient will be discussed further in that guide.

If required, the Reset button resets the settings of the current tool.

In the little window to the left, it is possible to view the effect of the modification of each of the first five variables on the tool.

Some examples to help you understand the notions mentioned above :

See opposite, a straight line drawn with, from top to bottom, the percentages 300%, 100% and 0% for the Step variable.

TVPaint written with the airbrush tool :
Angle = 90° and Aspect = 20%

Mechanical pencil tool left without Smoothing, right with smoothing.

Here is also a video tutorial explaining in details the settings :