The Eraser tool

We saw that each tool can be an eraser. However, there is one specific tool to erase your lines :

This tool only has one mode but you can still change its Profile and its other parameters : Size, Power, Opacity, Aspect, etc... and set it back to default with the Reset button.

You also have the possibility of erasing your drawings by using your right mouse button: your current brush will turn into a special eraser, different from the tool mentioned above. This feature may be used to improve your workflow since you can configure one of your pen’s buttons to trigger your mouse’s right click.

Note that activating or not the Drying option on your tool will influence the behavior of this right mouse button eraser:

-Turning it off will only let you erase the most recent strokes. This behavior will last until you change your tool. It will also allow you to only erase the strokes of the last used tool while keeping what you had underneath intact. This can be useful in case you want to erase recent strokes made on top of older strokes created with another tool.

-Turning it on will allow you to erase all of your strokes, regardless of the moment they were made. A tool change will not affect this behavior.