Rotation of the workspace

One of the most useful tools for any artist is the tool that allows rotation of the work top as one would turn a piece of paper while drawing. There are several ways to turn your workspace.

The button located in the project window is used to freely define an angle by left clicking and holding the button followed by a left / right movement of the cursor (up/down also works). You will see the workspace rotate in real time and you just release the button once the desired angle is obtained. This free adjustment may also be carried out using the keys [Ctrl+Alt] + left click.

The free adjustment and its HUD in the form of a traditional drawing workspace

You may also right click on the same button, which will open a menu (see opposite) in which you have the possibility to :

Reset the overall angle value (keyboard shortcut [Shift+ Home]),
Rotate the view +15° (keyboard shortcut [Shift+PageUp]),
Rotate the view -15° ([Shift+PageDown]), manually define an angle value (Set option) or choose a pre-defined angle among 15 values all multiples of 15.
Flip the view on the X and/or Y axis.

Note that Rotate +/- 15° will always be rounded off to the prior/next multiple of 15. For example, if you work at first with an angle of 25° and then decide to tilt the project by +15° using [Shift+PageUp], you obtain an angle of 30° and not 40° as 30 is the first multiple of 15 after 25.

Flip Horizontally and Vertically

In the pop-up menu above, you can also invert the display following the axes X and Y (Flip X / Y). These functions can also be found in the main menu View, with the options Flip Horizontally / Vertically.

Whatever if you choose the option in the menu View or the pop-up menu, the Flip Horizontally/Vertically options can be used to invert horizontally and/or vertically the image in the project window. These two options don't change the project. It's only a way to see the current image of the project with a different point of view (like the rotation of the workspace).

Markers located next to the project’s playback options will indicate that a project’s view has been flipped:

You can click on those markers to invert your project’s view back to normal.

Shortcuts [ [ ] and [ ] ] allow also to invert X and Y axes, respectively.

Original ImageFlip Horizontally

Flip VerticallyFlip Horizontally & Vertically