Field chart

The Field Chart is a little bit different from the previously seen guides. Indeed, as soon as you create it, a virtual Field Chart appears.

The Field Chart is well known in the audiovisual world.
Your working area is cut in its half on the height and width. Each little line can help you draw equidistant horizontal and vertical lines.

You then have access to all of its options in the Guidelines panel.

Contrary to other guides, only the Eye option is present (same utiity and parameter).
You can change the Color of these virtual lines by clicking on the small grey (by default) square to obtain a picker. You will then be able to pick another color in the Color Panel or in the software's interface.

The adjacent value (50% by default) allows you to change the opacity of these lines.

The Snap and Assist functions does not exist for the Field chart guide. The Edit function is not active for this guide.