This function has welcomed new features in TVPaint Animation 11.

TVPaint Animation's Guides are designed to create customized and magnetic landmarks in the current project's window. Drawing concentric circles or parallel lines is now very easy when using guides.

They are now under the icon in the toolbar. They are also accessible in the Windows > Drawing > Guidelines

You can leave the Guidelines panel open at all times if you want to. It does not prevent you from drawing, animating, or acceding other functions. You can also drag it in the Drawers.

By clicking on Add, you will have access to 11 different Guides.

You have two icons :

allows you to show (by default) or hide all of the Guides you have added.
allows you to magnetize (by default) or de-magnetize all of the Guides you have added.

The Edit function allows you to modify an existing Guide. You need to click this button again to exit this mode : from a green background (active), it becomes grey (inactive).

You can create the same Guide type several times for the same project, and they can be combined to other Guides.
Newly created Guides will be placed on top of the list.

If multiple guides have been created, you can use the icon to lock them in place while you’re editing the guide you want to modify. Note that you can only lock Line, Segment, Circle, Ellipse, and Vanishing Points guides.