Safe Area

The Safe Area guide allows you to see what will appear on the television screen.
This guide is also different form the previously seen guides. Indeed, two virtual frames appear as soon as you create it.

You then have access to all of its options in the Guidelines panel.

Contrary to other guides, only the Eye option is there (same utility and parameter)

There is no Snap option here. This Safe Area guide will mainly be a support on what will appear on public television screen and what may be cut off for TVs that do not support 16.9.

The Assist function does not exist for the Safe Area guide.

You can change the Color of these virtual lines by clicking on the small grey (by default) square to obtain a picker. You will then be able to pick another color in the Color Panel or in the software's interface.

The adjacent value (50% by default) allows you to change the opacity of these lines.

The Border In and Border Out allows you to change the position of your Safe Area. It is possible to change these parameters with the mini-elevator on the right or with the numeric fields.

You can also use the Edit button. You will need to go near the virtual frames to manually modify the Safe Area guide.

If multiple guides have been created, you can use the icon to lock them in place while you’re editing the guide you want to modify. Note that you can only lock Line, Segment, Circle, Ellipse, and Vanishing Points guides.