Thanks to this Library, you will have the ability to import, save, store images for each of your projets. You can manage your resources directly in TVPaint Animation.

There is one Library per Projet. It is not an unique Library for the software.
Each Library’s content is saved with the projet.

Throughout other lessons, you will see that these Libraries will be very useful for you, notably for your projects’ management : you will be able to store your backgrounds’ references or your Models Sheets for example.

A Library will have lots of advantages for transformation tools or the Image guide.

But first let’s see how it works.

To open the Library, you can use the button in the toolbar, or in the Windows > Others > Image Library menu

The Folders

The Library is very intuitive and can be used as an explorer.

You will find in the bottom left a New Folder button which will allow you to create folders to classify your images. You can also do the same thing by right-clicking and selectig the option Add folder. A text field will open and allow you to rename this folder as you wish. You can open each folder by double-clicking on its icon. You can create as many sub-folders as you wish inside a folder.

Inside a folder, you will find an arrow ( ) that will help you to go backwards.

By right-clicking on the folder, you will have access to another sub-menu that allows you to Rename, Delete, Copy, Cut and Paste this folder. These last three functions will allow you to put some folders inside other folders or to Cut/Copy/Paste folders from one Library to another.

Under the Library’s panel title, you can see the folder and images’ path. If you have created several sub-folders, you can directly access one of them by clicking on its name.

The Images

Next to the New Folder button you will find a New Image button that will allow you to import images in lots of formats (JPEG, PNG, etc...).

A system explorer window, or TVPaint Animation’s explorer (depending on the one you chose in the Preferences panel) will open. Look for the image you wish to import. After importing, click anywhere on the Library to refresh it. Your image will be displayed with its original name and format.

The same function can be accessed by right-clicking and selecting Add from file....

Other options relative to images are available in this contextual menu :

- Add current image : this option adds the current image from the current layer into the Library.
- Add display : this option adds what is displayed in the drawing area.
- Add custom brush current image : this option adds the current image of the custom brush, which can be useful when using animated brushes (this concept will be explained in lesson 11)

By right-clicking on an image, you have access to another sub-menu that will allow you to Rename, Delete, Copy, Cut and Paste this image. These last three functions will allow you to put some images in folders or to Cut/Copy/Paste images from one Library to another.

You can also Create a custom brush from this image or Create a New Project from this image. The new project will automatically open according to the chosen image’s parameters, of course creating a new Library.

The bottom-right button will allow you to modify your images or folders’ display, from 50 to 150%, for a better visibility.

The Library will only be saved if you save the project. If you only made changes in the Library and close your project, there will not be any warning for the Library.

You can leave the Library panel always open if you wish. It will not prevent you from draw, animate or accessing other features. You can also drag it in the Drawers .

The size of your project increases with the number of images you add in the Library..