How to use papers

Apart from reproducing a given pattern, the papers may be used to simulate drawing on a real paper. The combination of papers with different drawing tools provides very realistic results and enables imitation of different drawing styles: charcoal, painting on glass, lithography, etc. (see below)

Some images are constructed using many papers.

The image opposite, for example, which is available on the CD was compiled using ten papers.

Papers can be activated by a simple click here, in the main panel.

If you right click on this icon, you will open this panel :

At the top of the Paper panel, a menu allows you to select papers in different directories.

* All : Display all the papers available in all directories.

* TVPaint Animation : Display all the papers which are in the installation directory of TVPaint Animation.

* User : Display all the papers which are located in the user configuration.

Numerous options are available in the papers window. You may:

* Modify Hardness, Size and Angle of your papers.

Hardness 33% Hardness 66% Hardness 100%

Size 200% Size 100% Size 50%

Angle 0° Angle 60° Angle 120°

* Invert the papers (Negative option).

Original paper Inverted paper

* Create a symmetry along the horizontal axis or vertical axis before application (options Flip X and Flip Y).

Original paper Symmetry along vertical axis

Create and manage your own papers

* Right click on one of the papers in the papers window to either choose the latter or delete it.

* Right click on the part of the window that does not contain any papers to create a new paper from the current image.