The Perspective tool

As you may have guessed, this tool can be used to adjust the perspective of your current image, selection’s borders or selection’s content through the Move image, Move Selection Shape and Move Selection Content options.

Changing the position of the control points located in the corners of the image is usually enough to achieve the desired result.

You may fill (Fill mode) or not (Shift mode) the screen with the current image. You can refer to the images at the bottom of this page to get a better idea of those modes.

Clicking on the Reset button of the panel will reinitialize the tool’s position settings. The drop down AAliasing menu is identical to the Transform tool one and allows you choose between different anti-aliasing algorithms and apply them to the current perspective adjustment.

You will have to click on the Apply button for the adjustments to be really taken into account. You will be able to apply them to the Current Layer, Current Group, the Selected layers or All Layers.

You can click and hold your cursor in order to simply move your image. Holding the [CTRL] key as well while doing this will allow you to resize your image.

Right clicking on the project window will make a menu with additional options appear:

You will then be able to Reset positions, flip your image or selection, flip them Horizontally or Vertically as well as Rotate them to 90° or -90°.

The blue line that can appear on the screen during setting is the horizon line. You may move the two vanishing points as you wish to fine-tune your image or selection’s perspective.

Original image with selectionMove image and Shift modeMove image and Fill mode