The various types of selections

Seven icons in the main panel are used to enable these selections.

* Rectangle select
* Polygon select
* Circle select
* Freehand select
* Select with Magic wand
* Bezier select
* Splines select

The last function allows you to clear the selections.

Complex selections and brush creation

That's not all, the Selection tool window opposite extends the range of possible actions.

From the popup menu:
* The Add and Sub options may be used to create complex selections: the Add option allows you to add a new selection to the previous selection while the Sub option, as the name implies, will remove the new selection from the previous selection. You may obviously combine various Selection tools with each other in order to obtain the required selection.
* The effect of the Replace option is that drawing a new selection will automatically replace the previous selection.
* The Smooth option works in the same way as that presented previously in this lesson to draw a filled rectangle.
* When checked, the Anti-Aliasing box smooths the contours of the future selection.
* The Invert button inverts the current selection.
* The Clear button deletes it.
* The four buttons which follow are used to copy or cut the pixels contained in the selection and incorporate them in a new layer or new brush (animated brush or animation layer, if several images were selected previously).
* The Crop button is used to create a new project containing only the contents of the selection. Your new project will contain an image or animation layer depending on whether you have selected one or several images in the current layer. If your current project contains several layers you will find the same number of layers in the new project. Note that your original project’s Guides will be kept as well.