The Colors > Line colorize effect

This effect allows you to colorize the lines of your drawings, following the colors filled on the other layers.

Three parameters can be managed :
Radius (which allow you to choose the spread of your colorize effect, following the line's thickness).

From left to right : Radius to 0, 5, 10 and 15.

Color Source (that will define the color reference to colorize your line). Let's take this image, composed of several layers (below and above the layer lines).

The Color source mode Foreground : as a part of the herb layer is above the line layer, the lines of the feet became green.

The Color Source mode Background : colors from the layer below is used as a reference to colorize the drawing lines.

The Color Source mode Display : all colors visible have an influence on the drawing lines.

Render mode: this parameter will allow you to choose the spread of the effect, following the Manhattan mode (rectangular spread) or Euclidian mode (circular spread).

Original image

Manhattan Mode

Euclidian Mode