The Color > Tint Replacer effect

The Tint Replacer effect is based on the same principle as the Color Eraser effect, with the difference that you do not unsaturate the colors.

Indeed, using range values enables progressive modification of the hue, saturation and luminosity of the chosen tint range. You may thus easily toggle one color range to another.

The range values are calculated as being "gap" in the H.S.L system between the two colors of the panel (blue and yellow in this example).

Original imageYellow tint changed to blue tint

The Color > Color replacer effect

This effect allows you to modify a color in an easy way, just by choosing the Source color (the color you want to change) and the Destination color (the one you want to obtain). If the change does not fit exactly your needs, you may use the parameters Tolerance and Softness.

This effect is really useful to change a drawing with simple colors.

Original imageModified image