The Keying > Advanced Keyer effect

The Advanced Keyer is the most complex and the most powerful Keying tool in TVPaint Animation Professional Edition. Experienced users often use it for very accurate keyings.

We have already seen that each color can be broken up in various ways depending on the color system (RGB, HSL, YUV) while each system defines color channels. (the YUV system is used by the NTSC and PAL video formats)

The Advanced Keyer effect permits to cut-out on each color channel which allows you to do very accurate keyings. (see below)

* The Key tab lets you adjust the keyer in the different color systems.
* The Matte tab has the same function as the previously described Keying > Alpha Control effect so you can just adjust the cutout process better.
* Finally, the Spill Removal tab is also available and works the same as the Keying > Chroma Keyer one.

Working with the Hue and Saturation component of the HSL system is the same than working with the Keying > Chroma Keyer effect.
Working with the Luma component of the HSL system is the same as working with the Keying > Luma Keyer effect.