The Color > Scan Cleaner Color

This effect is used to clean up a scanned image. At the difference of the classic Scan Cleaner Black and White, this FX can work with colors.

Here is the image that will serve as an example to show the possibilities of this FX :

And here are the parameters :

As you can see, there are a lot more parameters than in the classic Scan Cleaner Black and White. Let’s explain what they do, one by one.

- Stroke intensity : this parameter lets you set the color intensity of the source image : the less the value, the harder the resulting colors will be.

The following images have been made with a Stroke intensity set to 0.25

- Global transparency : this parameter lets you set the global transparency.


- Transparency profile : this works the same way as in the Scan Cleaner Black and White : letting you set the level of details to keep.

Global transparency : 0

The following three options are useful only for people working with Retas.

- Post-processing : this lets you toggle the background color.
- Background color : this lets you choose the background color.
- Saturate line colors : All colors will have RGB components with a value of either 0 or 255.