The Distortion > Wave effect

This effect imitates water waves, as if a rock was thrown into water. (look at the images below).
* The Center parameter defines the center of the effect, the position where the rock hits the water.
* The Radius parameter defines the maximal distance the waves will go.
* The Wave parameter defines the number of visible waves.
* The Amplitude parameter defines the maximum height of the waves.
* The Angle and Rotation permit to animate the waves in time.

Once again, these parameters can be partly adjusted in the project window through the H.U.D.

The Distortion > Tornado effect

We will take advantage of this image which show clouds to study the Distortion > Tornado effect.
Have you ever noticed how a whirlpool behaves in a washbasin for example ?
The Distortion > Tornado effect produces the same kind of effect, distorting the image or the image sequence (look at the images below).
* Like the Wave effect, you will need to define a Center and a Radius (which can be locked with FX Stack keyframes if needed…).

* The Angle parameter allows you to define the power of the applied distortion.
* When using FX Stack keyframes, the Rotation parameter reflects the number of complete rotations to be carried out before arriving at the chosen angle.