The Path manager

The Path Manager, mentioned in the introduction of this chapter, has four tabs:

* The Manage tab allows you to choose a path amongst those already saved in the Bin, and then to rename, copy, delete or even invert it, (the path will in this case be taken in the reverse direction when used).

* When you use an effect of the Paint or Motion group, the Constant Speed option move the keyframes of the path to keep the same speed along your path for your strokes or animations.

This is notably useful when you work with the Motion > KeyFramer or Motion > Multiplane Camera effect.
The speed of the moved images or the speed of the camera movement will be directly linked to the Progress Profile of those effects. The speed control will then be optimised.

* The Average tab has four popup menus for you to choose the Bin paths. It allows you to set the values for each FX Stack keyframe of the current path as an average derived from the keyframes of every chosen path.

1st path2nd pathPath average

* The Smooth tab allows you to smooth the values associated with the FX Stack keyframe of the path chosen (the higher the numeric value, the more the paths will be smoothed after application).

Basic pathSmoothed path

* The Size tab allows you to modify the size of the complete path on each of the three axes (horizontal, vertical or depth).
This may be useful if you wish to transfer a path from one project to another with a different size.

Basic pathPath reduced by 50% on the horizontal axis

Using a value of -100% on one of the axes allows you to completely flip your path.
To move the entire path on the screen, you simply select all its keyframes in the HUD and then click-slide using the mouse.