The Rendering > Multiline Text effect

The effect Rendering > Multiline-Text is the most important titling tool of TVPaint Animation Professional Edition.

The first thing to do when using this effect is import text lines. To do this you may :
* use text lines stored in an ascii .txt files
* use text lines stored in your clipboard. (for example, if you have cut or copied some text from another software)

After this choice, your text is displayed on the screen. Two kind of H.U.D are available for this effect. The parameters directly adjustable on the screen depends on the H.U.D selected :
* angle, size and position on the screen for the Layout H.U.D.
* the text itself for the Text H.U.D.

The Layout HUDThe Text HUD

Several kinds of HUD handle alignments are available by using the nine buttons below :

Your text lines may be horizontally centered, left justified or right justified.

Your text lines may be vertically centered, top or bottom justified. (here below the text was first rotated at 90°)

The three last buttons allow you to set the horizontal and/or vertical offset between the text lines.
Note that the unit is the pixel. (It is also possible to use negative numbers of pixels.)

It is possible to set or animate each line of the whole text by using the same method than encountered in the Rendering > Simple Text effect. The framed area of the FX Stack below shows the font, position, border, shadow ... parameters discussed in the previous chapter.

At the top of the panel, the line popup menu is used to create, rename, duplicate or delete lines.
The header of the menu contains the name of the line for which the options are displayed in the panel.

It is possible to create FX Stack keyframes for all parameters of every line by using the control key located next to the line popup menu.

Let's now study the Animation popup menu :
* The roll option allows you to move your text lines from the bottom to the top of the project window.
* The crawl option allows you to move your text lines from the left to the right of the project window.
The progress of those options can be set by using the position parameter.
The extreme values : 0% and 100% makes the text lines disappear from the screen.
A value of 50% corresponds to the initial position of the text lines on the the project window.