The Rendering > Plasma effect

The Rendering > Plasma effect is similar to the Wave effect because they produce both circles. However, this effect produces multicolored waves and can be adjusted with several parameters :
* The Linear , Linear 2 or the Smooth option in the Generator menu in the settings panel modifies the profile of the generated wave's shape (look at the examples below).

* It is possible to work with one, two, three or four circles (see below).

* You can choose the way these waves will mix together. Below you can find the modes :




* Finally, some settings related to color channels are also available : Global phase, Red phase, Green phase, Blue phase and Alpha phase.

The Rendering > Perlin Noise effect

This effect generates shapes thanks to mathematical functions and is sometimes used to imitates water waves and other water effects.

You can :
* adjust Width and Height of the generated shapes,
* mix these shapes to the current image thanks to the Colorize, Tint, Multiply, ... modes,
* use a picked color, a gradient or the color from the current image,
* change the complexity of the shapes thanks to the Octave setting,
* Invert the effect colors or change its Opacity.

Octave = 1Octave = 2Octave = 5