The Rendering > Time Code Generator effect

This effect displays the time code of the current image in the current layer at the position of your choice. Three modes are available:
* Current project mode duplicates the timeline data in number of frames or time code depending on the selections made (Frame or Time Code refer to lesson 4).
* Free run mode is used to define the parameters to be taken into account for the entire current layer independent of the timeline: You must therefore specify the position of the first frame, the number of frames per second and the display (frame or time code in hours, minutes, seconds and frame number). The Invert option is used to create a count-down effect.
* User defined mode works in the same way as Free run mode with the simple difference that all frames of the layer have independently set parameters thanks to the use of the animation key system.

Regardless of the mode chosen, the second section of the panel enables:
* selection of the Font of your choice,
* Size variation,
* setting of Position parameters for the current project,
* modification of font and background Color and Alpha.

Opposite, an example of an application with the current frame number in black with a gray background.