The Stylize > Bevel effect

This effect is used to give volume to your logos or drawings.
The Mode popup menu is used to choose between creation of an inner or outer relief. You may also use both effects at the same time, which gives a relief effect to the contours of your image.

To give an image relief you must set the size of the Bevel as well as its Lighting using the following parameters: Altitude, Direction, Color and Power.
The Smooth parameter enables attenuation of rough contours by applying a slight blur.

Inner BevelOuter BevelInner and Outer Bevel

Inner BevelOuter BevelInner and Outer Bevel

The Stylize > Drop shadow effect

This effect is useful to add a shadow to a logo or any other image that is not entirely opaque. Color, Direction, Distance and Opacity are parameters that may be set using keyframes at your disposal. In this way you can make the shadow of your logo move as if a light source were moving above it.

Various shadow distances and directions

Traditional shadow and blurred shadow
(the background and the running kid are located on different layers)

The Shadow only option of the Toon shading and Drop Shadow effects will be studied later in the chapter called "the Color > Image Source effect"