The Stylize > Erode effect

This effect enables eroding the contours of an image or video footage.
This may create an interesting effect for the appearance or disappearance of images as well as for the attenuation of contours (see below…). There are two parameters that may be adjusted using keyframes: Width and Height.

The Stylize > Add Border effect

This effect is in a way the opposite of the Erode effect. It enables creation of a border of the thickness of your choice around an image. As TVPaint Animation works with sub-pixel precision, it is possible to increment this thickness in steps of 0.5 pixel using the associated mini-slider.

It is also possible to choose the color of the border.

Here again, the option Border only will be studied later in the chapter called "the Color > Image Source effect"

The Stylize > Bloom effect

Original ImageAfter applying the FX

This effect produces a light blurred aura on the current image and may give an unreal aspect to an animated footage. Contrary to the Glow effect this bloom is applied to the opaque areas of the image.

The parameters Width and Height are the same as those for the Glow effect.

If you wish, you may apply the bloom effect to the channel of your choice (Red, Green or Blue) and control Blur, Saturation and Luminosity of this aura.