The Stylize > Glow effect

It is possible to create an aura around a text or any other image containing transparent pixels … The Width, Height, Color and Opacity of this aura may change in time thanks to the keyframe system.

The Stylize > Grain effect

This effect adds a noise (polychromatic or monochromatic) to the image or video footage of your choice. The Size parameter is used to set the size of the grains, the Range parameter controls their distance.

It is also possible to adjust their color using the parameters Red Variation, Green Variation and Blue Variation as well as modify their transparency.

If a logo is placed in front of a filmed sequence, application of a light noise on the logo helps integrate it into the sequence and minimize the "computer" look of the latter. The noise effect may also be used to smudge an image or drawing in a different way than a blur effect.

Original imageMonochromatic noisePolychromatic noise

Original imageBlue polychromatic noiseNoise with larger grain size