The Stylize > HalfTone effect

Original imageAfter applying the FX

The Halftone effect reproduces the aspect of a "grid" on the current image and gives the current image the appearance of an "artist's canvas".

* You may set the parameters for the horizontal and vertical cells (H cells and V cells), Direction, Opacity of the grid as well as their type (Line, Dot, Cross, Checks, Blocks, etc.).
* There are also several application modes: Color on black, Color on white, Saturation, etc.
* Finally, you may use the Jitter parameters which will slightly modify the shape of the grid.

The Stylize > Lumix effect

This effect exchanges the luminosity values of the pixels in an image or source video footage with those of another image or footage, which gives the impression of seeing an image through the contours of another image (see below).