The Stylize > Noise effect

Original ImageAfter applying the FX

This effect moves the pixels of the original image at a distance corresponding to your parameter setting. You may also choose the percentage of pixels of the original image to be moved.

Well applied, this effect gives the impression that one sees the image or video footage through frosted glass.

The Stylize > Print effect

Original imageAfter applying the FX (Black and White)

Have you ever looked at a comic or cartoon strip through a magnifying glass? The color areas are made up of superposed round points of different sizes and colors.

The Print effect reproduces exactly this aspect. You may choose to work in Color, in Black & White or work only on the non-opaque areas of the image…

Work in color

The Size parameter is used to set the size (and therefore the number) of dots on the screen.
Above you see the Print effect applied with the Color channel and with the Black & White channel.