In lessons 2 to 9 we have, amongst other things, studied the TVPaint Animation drawing tools and discovered the timeline and its functions. You are now able to produce "frame by frame" drawings.

TVPaint Animation also offers you a wide range of effects. They have been specially designed for working on animated footage.

These effects or composition tools are available in the Effects main menu (see below). They are arranged according to categories. We will study them progressively in the subsequent lessons.

The different categories group the effects depending on their use:

* Blur: to alter the existing pixels of the animation.
* Colors: to rework the colors of an animated footage.
* Distortion: to distort the images of a footage.
* Keying: to cut out a part of the current animation.
* Motion: to manage camera movement.
* Paint: to repeat a line on the screen.
* Rendering : to create lighting and particles effects.
* Stylize: to rework the pixels of an animated footage.
* Transition: to create transitions between frames.

This lesson will make use of the Palette, Lilly, FX_Inlay_Texture_example_1 and FX_Inlay_Texture_example_2 projects.