Working in real time

Almost all software packages on the market impose a preparation stage and then an effect calculation stage. Viewing the final result on the screen is only possible after completing these two stages. In the best case, you have a window for a low-res preview of your effect at your disposal.

TVPaint Animation does not adhere to this model and employs a much more interactive method. You have the possibility to view the results of these effects in real time!

Once the Preview box is checked, it is possible to play your complete animation using the Play button on the control panel. It will then be shown with all the modifications you have chosen in your stack.

In other words, any modification of the parameters within the effect stack is immediately visible on the screen, in full size and full resolution whether your project is a simple image or an animation.
Sliding along the timeline using the keys [←] and [→] also allows you to view progress frame by frame.