FX Stack Keyframes

It is possible to set the parameters of our fade effect to 0% for the first image in our layer, then to 100% for the last.
This way, TVPaint Animation will automatically calculate the effect's values to be applied on the intermediate frames.
This is what we refer to as working with FX Stack keyframes (also referred to as "keyframes" for short).
Once this concept is understood, you will no longer work frame by frame.

Proceed this way for our current project:

* Go to the first image of the "Palette" animation layer. Set the effect to 0% then click on the button shown opposite.

* A symbol appears in the timeline under the first image (see the screenshot on the left).

The name of the Fade effect is written to the left of the timeline.
* The Fade effect is now set to a value of 0% for the first frame of the timeline. At this stage, application of the FX stack has no animation effect. Indeed, the value of this FX Stack keyframe will be repeated for all frames after this one.
It is necessary to create a second FX Stack keyframe before applying the FX stack in order to obtain an animation effect.
* Go to the last image of the « Palette » animation layer, create a FX Stack keyframe using the button of the FX stack.

You may now immediately set the effect to 100%. In this case it is not necessary to click on the button as before and the FX Stack keyframe represented by the symbol will be created automatically.

The timeline is modified as below:

* Note that by sliding along the timeline using the [←] and [→] keys of the keyboard or pressing the Play button allows you to view the progress of the chosen effect from the first to the last frame.
To sum up, a FX Stack keyframe is a sort of adjustable time parameter lock which sets the value chosen by the user to a precise point in the timeline.
However, the drawing tool parameters vary dynamically according to the user's direct action on the project and may therefore not be assimilated to FX Stack keyframes.

On next page, you will see the result that you could obtain on the screen.