Clean-up the sequence

Once the drawing has been scanned, it is possible to:
*Delete white or gray pixels to imitate the use of a true animation overlay (which is something you’ll have to do in case you want to color your drawing or use a background with it).

or will result in:

*Clean up your drawings in order to correct rough pencil lines.


You can use the Scan Cleaner function to accomplish the two aforementioned operations in a few clicks. It is to be found in the Image menu:

As you can see, this tool comes with two different settings:

-The Scan Cleaner (soft) function will preserve lighter pencil lines.

-The Scan Cleaner (stronger) function will preserve stronger pencil lines.

You can also use the FX > Color > Scan Cleaner Black and White effect in case the previously mentioned functions don’t give you the results you expect. FX stacks will be discussed in lesson 12.