Import an images sequence

You may choose to create the images for your future cartoon either traditionally on paper with PEG holes (see below) or more directly in TVPaint Animation.

On the Windows 32-bits version, TVPaint Animation works with Twain standard scanners.
* The File > Twain > Select option is used to choose the scanner you intend using.
* The File > Twain > Acquire option displays the Twain interface of you scanner in order to begin working with the latter.

On Mac OS X, TVPaint Animation works with ICA standard scanners. Use the File > ICA > Acquire option to display the acquisition interface.

Pay attention : 64 bits versions of TVPaint Animation do not always support scanners

If you could not scan directly into TVPaint Animation, scan your images from the software provided with your scanner and save your images as an image sequence : « image001 », « image002 » etc...

To import that sequence, drag and drop the first image from that sequence into TVPaint Animation. Think to uncheck Single image in the import panel and all your sequence will be imported.

In this way, when you scan a set of images, you may either import these images directly after the current animation layer, or in a new animation layer, or simply in a new project.