Use the Peg-holes registration

“Pegs” are little holes made in paper sheets to hold them together on a “peg bar”, in order to draw and animate.

If you want to scan an animation made on paper and use a scanner with feeder you will notice your sheets are not stabilized and so, when playing the animation, the result is really unpleasant.

To fix this problem, TVPaint Animation contains a tool named Peg-holes registration. The peg-holes registration is a very useful option to quickly and efficiently scan animations made on paper. In fact, this option realigns the animation, thanks to the peg holes.

We’ll use the Pegs_Registration project to show how to use this tool.

First, go to the Window > Animation > Peg-holes registration main menu. A little window like this will appear:

Into this window, you can configure the peg hole's size (height and width). To see the peg holes on your workspace, please click on Set pegs position.

Place the two red rectangles above the original peg holes. Modify their size to precise the alignment.

Be careful: do not set the red rectangles too near from the pegs ! You must respect a tolerance or the registration will not be efficient (see below).

And then, apply. The animation will be re-aligned automatically. By the way, you can choose any image from your animation to set the peg-holes registration: the layer will be entirely re-aligned.