Load an existing project

To load an existing project from the data storage support, simply press the keyboard shortcut [Shift+L] or the Load option in the File main menu. The file requester will then ask you to select an access path and file name.
Now that you know how to use the requester, load the file « running kid_2.tvpp » (the project can be found on the TVPaint Animation DVD-ROM).

If the project loaded is too big, too small, possesses too many images or has an incorrect pixel ratio, you may modify it.

A list of the projects you’ve previously loaded or saved with TVPaint Animation is available in the File main menu.

By clicking on Recent projects, you’ll be able to see the recently Opened or Saved projects. Simply click on the name of one of these projects to load it again.

You can also use the Recent folders option to load a project located in a folder you’ve recently used.

Note that these options will only appear if projects have been opened or saved.

If you know the TVPaint technology for a long time, you probably knows the .tvp formats and even .mir and .aur formats. These old formats are still readable by TVPaint Animation, but only the .tvpp formats can be still generated (see further).