Save a project

In lessons 3 & 4 we studied the concepts of animation and CTG layers as well as their temporal and spatial specificities.

What we refer to as a TVPaint Animation project (or simply project), is all animation, CTG or XSheet layers in a timeline (whether created by drawing, scanning or any other method) with all associated options: global opacity, pre- post- behavior, FX stack (see lesson 12), number of images per second, position in the timeline, resolution, etc.

In lesson 1 we saw how to create a project with the parameters of your choice.

After having worked with tools and layers (lessons 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7), you may wish to save your project for later use. To do this, use the Save project or Save project as functions in the File main menu.

- Save project (keyboard shortcut [Shift+S], [Ctrl+S] and [Cmd+S]) allows you to save the project under the current name.
- Save project as asks you to choose a new file name for your project. This function allows you to easily duplicate your project as you progress with its creation.