Save a Template

A template is a blank project using a predefined resolution, speed and number of layers and images.
It is possible to save a Template using the dedicated option in the File main menu, as you can see below (the template will have to be given a name).

You may then select the template you've just created when a new project is started.
You may also use one of the many predefined models.
Finally, it's also possible to delete a template by choosing it and clicking on the Remove button next to the selection field.

How to define custom predefined project sizes and settings using the pagesize.conf file (advanced users)

TVPaint also allows you to define and save your own custom project sizes and settings. Those can be called back upon creating a new project or modifying a project’s settings.

You can achieve this by editing the pagesize.conf file. This file can be found on the following locations, depending on the operating system installed on your computer:

On Windows : C:\Program Files\TVPaint Developpement\TVPaint Animation 11[.5] [Pro] (64bits)\Data

On macOS :

-Go to your « Applications » folder
-Right click on the TVPaint Animation icon and select « Show Packages Contents »
-Go to « Contents/Resources/data »
-The pagesize.conf file should be in this folder

On Linux : /usr/share/tvpaint-developpement/tvp-animation-11[.5][-pro]/data/pagesize.conf

To edit it, just open it with a basic text editor. You should see different configurations listed in the file:

Adding a custom project setting:

You can add a custom project setting by adding a new line to the pagesize.conf list and respecting the following syntax:

Config=« your_configuration_name » Width Height Frame Rate Aspect Ratio Field

The Field parameter accepts one of these three numbers:

-« 0 » will set it to the Progressive setting
-« 1 » will set it to the Lower First setting
-« 2 » will set it to the Upper First setting

Here an example of a custom configuration respecting the aforementioned syntax:

The configuration would be called « My custom config ». The project would then be set to have a 500px Width and Height, a Frame Rate of 24 images per second, an Aspect Ratio of 1.000 and a Field set on the « Progressive » setting.

You can also put your custom project configuration in a folder by creating a path when giving a name to your custom configuration:

The « First config » configuration will then be saved in the « My configs » folder :

You will then be able to use this folder again to regroup your new configurations in the same place. For example, the « Second config » below will also be saved under the « My configs » folder :