Inversely, it is also possible to print the content of a project. The File > Configure printer option displays the options available on your printer, and the File > Print option opens a new window:
- At the top of this window you will find the name of your printer.
- The Setup button displays the options available on your printer.

- The Single tab opposite is used to print the current image. You may adjust the size and position of your image on the future sheet of paper using the click and slide function as well as the Scale field. The Center button places your drawing in the center of your future sheet of paper.

- The Anim tab offers the possibility to print several images of your animation (merged layers) on the same sheet of paper. In addition to the image size and position setting options, you may:
- Choose the number of rows for your images.
- Display the position of each image on the timeline.
- Choose every second, third, fourth, etc. image in the Steps field.

The two buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel are used to scroll through the various pages to be printed.