The Share manager

This function becomes really useful, especially if you are using TVPaint Animation in network (Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection), inside a studio or a school. The Share manager simply allows you to share a project, a clip (explained lesson 9) or a custom panel (lesson 19).

You will open this manager by clicking on that icon from the Menu bar or by going to Windows > Others. The manager will appear like this :

On your right hand side, you will see all people connected to your network. The green people are the persons currently connected. The grey people are the persons who have been already connected before, but who are currently off-line. A new person is connected on your network but you don't see him/her in your list ? Don't forget to Refresh list to detect the newcomers in your network.

A simple right click on the list will open this pop-up menu :

Favorites will allow you to choose your favorite neighbors and display them only.
Hide off line users, as you guess, allows you to hide the off line users from the list.
Remove allows you to remove a neighbor from your list.

As you are connected to a network, you will also appear in you neighbors' list. In order to be easily recognizable, you can change the Identifier at the top of the manager.

At the left bottom corner of the manager, you will notice two menus : Type and Which one.

In Type, you will have the possibility to choose the type of file you wish to send : full project, a clip (a storyboard element explained lesson 9), or a custom panel (that may contains your brushes, your colors and your script, which is explained in detail lesson 11).

In Which one, you can choose simply the name of the element you are about to send, following the Type you have just chosen. In the example above, we have chosen to send the current project. However, if we decide to send a Custom panel, choices will be different :

After choosing the object to send, select the addressee (by clicking on his / her name, which will be underlined in green) and click on the big button Send :

Then, your neighbor will have the choice between accept it... :

… or not

Then, when it will be your turn to receive a file, you will obtain a visible alert. The button from the Menu bar will become blue (see next).

The Share manager will display an alert too and will propose you to accept or refuse the object sent by a neighbor :

Then, you are free to accept or refuse the object. If you accept it, this object will be automatically available in your TVPaint Animation interface. If you closed by inadvertence, you can still re-open it by clicking on the folder icon.

Above the object list, you can organize the element types you want to Display or eventually Clear the list.