3D views

This effect has an Open stage button which allows you to view the multiplane camera from various angles. These 3D views will make adjustment of settings much easier.

The default settings are as follows:
* A perspective view (window bottom left)
* A left side view (window top left)
* A front view (window top right)
* A top view (window bottom right)

The following buttons are available in each panel to simplify viewing:
* The button allows you to zoom with a click and slide on the left mouse button (shortcut : [alt + right click] + move your mouse).
* The button is used for panning with a click and slide on the left mouse button (shortcut : [alt + left click] + move your mouse).
* The button when selected, ensures the zoom and panning options are only applied to the current view.
* The button is used to reset the view to its default values.
* The button displays the camera and the «viewing angle»
* The button displays the focusing plane. In other words, the plane on which the image is focused. This plane is seen as a red dotted line in the left and top views. The focusing plane is also visible in the perspective and front views in the form of a gray rectangle. This will be studied in greater detail at the end of this lesson.
* The button displays all the planes in the perspective view.

The popup menus of each window allow you to customize your viewing options: left, right, top, bottom, front, back, camera and perspective.

The front and back views are not in perspective. If you choose to use them, remember that you are viewing the various planes «orthogonally projected» on the Oxy plane (see next chapter).