Install the software


Don't plug the USB dongle before the installation finishes.

Once the ZIP file is downloaded, double click on it to extract the TVPaint Animation folder.

Please keep the folder with all its files. It contains the installer, the License Agreement, the trial version of the Creation Pack, and the After Effects Import from TVPaint script.

Double-clic on the DMG file TVPaint Animation 11 [...].dmg, then follow the instructions.

Before installing the software, double-click on the the Dongle drivers installer :

The installation of the Dongle drivers is mandatory, otherwise your dongle will not be detected, and you will not be able to register the software.

Once the drivers are installed, drag and drop the butterfly in the Applications folder:

You can now plug in the USB dongle and start TVPaint Animation.

If your Mac is not detecting the TVPaint dongle, the High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina update might be the cause.

This short process will allow you to make the Sentinel driver run normally and only takes a couple of minutes.
The first step is to unplug the USB dongle, then uninstall TVPaint and the Sentinel driver completely, by removing TVPaint Animation and the Sentinel folders from the Applications directory in the Finder.

Reboot your Mac and install everything again, while keeping your dongle unplugged, following this specific order:

Install the Sentinel driver:

Install TVPaint Animation:

While installing the driver, you will see an error prompt saying that the application comes from an unidentified developer and that it won't launch:

This is perfectly normal, Mac security blocks everything coming from any source other than Apple or the App Store.
Open the System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy:

Click on the lock at the bottom left corner of the window to be able to edit the unaccessible settings, then click on Open anyway.

Another unidentified developer prompt appears. Click on Open.

Click on OK then go to the Security & Privacy settings again.

Click on Allow to run the application listed after Legacy Developer: Safenet.

Please note that sometimes, the application is named "SFNT Germany GmbH" instead.

The Safenet driver is necessary for the USB dongle containing your license to be recognised by the computer.
Click on Allow with a mouse or trackpad. Mac security blocks any attempt on changing the security settings that is not coming from a mouse or trackpad, preventing any remote control software altering mouse movement to access them.

After this little tweaking, reboot your Mac, then connect your USB dongle and start TVPaint Animation. It should now run normally.
The security settings for Sentinel might be reset by a future Mac OS update, you will simply need to give the authorisation again in the security settings.