TVPaint Animation Professional Edition lets you manage several audio tracks in your project, whereas TVPaint Animation Standard Edition only lets you manage one audio track.

All the audio parameters are available in the second part of the Timeline window, between the Notes and the Layers.

The audio section can be separated into two parts. On the left side, there are all the parameters of the tracks (name, volume, offset, ...) and on the right side, there is a preview of the track during the animation.
Just a little word about the Master Track, it is a sort of special track. It always exists even if no track is loaded. This functionality will be detailed below. Otherwise, all the imported tracks add a new entry under the Master Track.

The sound track here, in the Clip : Timeline tab is a “local” sound. A “global” sound, whose the use is very similar to the local sound, also exists. It will be discussed in lesson 9.