The audio tracks parameters

The main audio parameters are available on the left side of the audio section. Here are the various functions proposed :
* The +/- icon at the left of the track name displays the optimized display or the reduced display.

With the optimized display, the preview of the track is more accurate in the right side, and new options appear in the left side.
* This icon allows you to put sound tracks in a group. Its use is similar to the color groups, discussed in lesson 3.
* This icon shows the sound is audible. If you click on, you will mute the sound track and this icon will appear.

Be careful, if the Master Track is muted, no sound will be played, even if your track is active.

Note that the button in the current project window is used to play a sound track when the project is viewed.

* The triangle at the right side of the track name opens a popup menu. The options available are different if the menu is the one of the Master Track or of another Track. The menu with the Master Track has been described above. The options available with the standard tracks are :

- Lock: allows to lock the current track. All the options which would modify the track, are disabled.
- Duplicate: clones the current track and adds it to the end of the tracks list.
- Delete: removes the current track from the tracks list.
- Move down and Move up: respectively allows to move down or move up the sound track (those options are in grey in you have only one sound track).
- Offset...: opens a dialog box to choose when the track starts inside the animation.

The additional following options appear when the optimized display is activated:

* You can lock a track by clicking on the black point • or via the popup menu (Lock option). When the track is locked, this icon appears . The Master Track has no Lock button, it is no possible to directly modify it.
* The nearby check box is to mute the track. (It is the same check box of the reduced display)
* And finally, the slider is the global volume of the track.

You may want the sound track you’ve loaded to automatically follow an Animation Layer when moving the latter. To do so, simply hold the [CTRL] key while moving your Animation Layer. Note that this will not work with Background and CTG layers.