The Preferences panel options

Further sound management options are available in the Preferences panel (Edit > Preferences), under the Sound tab.

* The first section of this tab refers to the Scrub options.
-The first Scrub Duration option sets the duration of the scrubbing.
-The second pop-up Scrub Mode allows you to choose when tracks should be played, Never, Always, or only when the user Scrubs.

* The popup Sampling Rate in the second section, lets the user select the sample rate at which every audio track will be re-sampled when imported in TVPaint Animation. For the best results, all imported audio tracks should have the same sample rate than the one selected in the Sound tab of the Preferences panel. It is of course possible to import tracks which have a different sample rate but doing so may result in a degradation of the audio quality owing to the re-sampling process that will take place.

* The Play project sound in clip option allows you to play the global sound when working in Timeline: clip mode (more information about the global sound in lesson 9).

* The Sound when export is complete option, if checked, will let TVPaint Animation play a notification sound once an export is completed. This feature is disabled by default.

* Check the Automatic Sound Panel box to make the Sound Panel automatically appear when loading a sound in your project and for TVPaint to remember its last status -open or closed- when saving your project. This way, you won’t have to open or close the panel again when re-opening your project.