The audio tracks preview

Let's take a look at the right side of the audio section. All the audio tracks are graphically represented in this side. As said previously, the Master Track is the "sum" of all the tracks of the project. It's clearly visible here :

The Offset option is already detailed in this subsection. Note that the other way to modify this option is only to click on and drag an audio track (by clicking on its preview).

Some blue lines can also be seen on each audio track. The aim of these lines is to allow a basic Fade option.

* When the blue line is at the bottom of the audio track, the audio sound is on the minimum (i.e. no sound played).
* When the blue line is at the top of the audio track, the audio sound is on its maximum. (Set with the slider option of the optimized display)
* During the time that the blue line is increasing or decreasing, the program fades the audio sound in function of the current time and between the minimum and the maximum values of the audio sound.

It is also possible to add Annotations on each audio track and at any position. By double clicking on a track, a popup appears (with the current time in its title) and asks the text which will be displayed under the cursor position.

With a right click on an audio track, a popup menu appears and asks to split the current track. This option doesn't really split the track, it duplicates the current track and adjust the Fade option on both to simulate the splitting of the current track.

Before Splitting

After Splitting

The Undo ([u]) and Redo ([Shift]+[u]) actions are obviously available for the audio tracks.