The Stopwatch

The Stopwatch is an innovative function, allowing you to mark the beat of an animation or a soundtrack.

allows you to start the stopwatch. Press again to pause it.

marks the beat measured by the stopwatch.

resets the stopwatch.

Enable Metronome to beat with a little sound. You can choose the Tempo by entering a numerical value (in frames per second).

Link to playback allows you to read your animation and the stopwatch at the same time.

After marking one or several beats, feel free to convert these marks by clicking on the Actions menu :

* New scene : put the rhythm into clips, in order to create an animatic
* New layer : put the rhythm into instances
* New bookmarks : put the rhythm into bookmarks
* New image marks : put the rhythm into image marks

Do not forget an instance has to be created before marking it.

* Create sound from tempo : turn the created rhythm into a sound visible in the space for sound tracks (explained lesson 8)
* Create sound from marks : turn the mark (made via the image mark, seen in lesson 4) in a sound that will be visible in the area dedicated to the sound (seen in the previous chapter)
* Calculate tempo change the metronome's tempo, following the beat you marked.
* Clear list delete the beat list.