Storyboard's aspect

Other functions are available in TVPaint Animation to help you in managing your storyboard.

This button allows you to lock the order of your scenes and clips. However, you are still able to change the contents of your clips (texts, drawings, etc...)

This button allow you to change the size of your thumbnails. Its use is really simple : you only have to maintain a left click on it and move to right or left with your mouse to enlarge or reduce the thumbnails.

This button is used to modify the “Timecode” display, either in images or in seconds.

Rename a clip

Double click in the Untitled zone of your clip or right click on the visualization area of a the thumbnail and select Rename Clip.

Assign a group to a clip

Clips can be brought together into the same group, as layers too. To assign a group to your clip, right click on the visualization area of the thumbnail and select Group.

Features of clips' groups are the same as groups available in the Timeline or in the sound management. Please read lesson 04 to know more about how to manage groups. You can even assign a color to several clips to select them with [Shift].

Hide a clip

Sometimes, a scene can be deleted from a movie, or can have several versions. In such cases, it could be bad to delete all your work. It is better to hide this scene and keep it safe, "just in case". To hide a clip, right click in the visualization area of your clip and select Hide clip, or left click on the right corner, at the top of your clip.

Move a clip

Maintain a left click on the clip's name and move it where you want. If you select and move a clip contained in a scene, the clip will turn into a new scene containing one clip. If you move it from a scene to another scene, it will adapt consequently.

Change your storyboard's view

Basically, the first storyboard's view mode is the Thumbnail mode ( ). Three other view modes are available to optimize the making of a storyboard.

The Column view ( ) or the Row view ( ) are the most used views, traditionally.

Both of these modes allows you to add informations such as action, dialogs and notes. You can even copy paste a text from a text file.

Columns view

Row view

The fourth view, the Timeline view ( ), is used to visualize your storyboard as an animatic.

Finally, you can click on the button (located in the project’s playback bar) so that the thumbnail displays the Camera View instead of the complete drawing zone.