Export to...

In lesson 9, you will learn to manage your projects and export them. Once you have finished your storyboard / animatic, you can obviously export it as a video or an image sequence. Open the Export to… panel, located in the File main menu (or use the [Ctrl + Shift + E] shorcut).

You have probably noticed the Project : Display and Clip : Display tabs. The difference between these two tabs is simple : the first tab lets you export your entire current project (scenes and clips) whereas the second tab only exports the current clip.

In the Project : Display tab, you will notice the Split scenes option, that will let you export all of your project at once, but to split the clips (like EDL export). You will have a succession of files named :file_scene-number_clip-number_frame-number.

For example, with this Storyboard project :

Depending on the export and chosen modes, you will have :

Export in .AVI (animation mode) (no frame number in animation mode)
• Storyboard_001_001.avi
• Storyboard_002_001.avi
• Storyboard_002_002.avi
• Storyboard_003_001.avi

Export as an image sequence (.PNG)
• Storyboard_001_001_001.png
• Storyboard_002_001_001.png
• Storyboard_002_001_002.png
• Storyboard_002_001_003.png
• Storyboard_002_002_001.png
• Storyboard_003_001_001.png
• Storyboard_003_001_002.png

How to import this sequence later ?

If you wish to import this sequence later in TVPaint Animation, you only need to drag in TVPaint Animation the first file of your video sequence. The import panel will open : go in the Project tab in the bottom of the panel, select the Split Scenes popup (more informations on importing files in lesson 9) :

Image only imports the sequence into a single clip.

Clip only imports the sequence (from a same clip) to several clips (one clip per image), contained in a single scene.

Clip-Image only imports the sequence of clips (from a same scene) and their images into a single scene.

Scene-Clip only imports the sequence of clips (from the same scene) and their images. These images will be placed into a new clip.

Scène-Clip-Image imports the project as it originally was.

Be careful, for these imports, uncheck the Single Frame option.